Dera is place in Lahore where I live with some other Software Engineers

Who is living in Dera?

The residents of dera are known as 'Derawala(s)'.

Life at Dera

Environment at dera is very calm. Everyone is busy with his own routine. Derawalas sit togather at dinner and after that play cards, discuss important happenings of day before going to their beds. Guests are always welcome at dera (invited or uninvited). But during exams season only invited guests are welcomed. Derawalas strictly follows constitution of 2017. Everyone has his specific roles and do his tasks according to constitution. Everyday at dera is one language day.
Caution: If you are at dera and derawalas begins it sing Paar Channa De at once, you have to sing along with them otherwise ...........


Rafiq is the assistant of derawalas who assists derawalas in various ways. Rafiq is running Ubuntu Server operating system on it. Rafiq stores data of each derawala using Nextcloud. Derawalas are now becoming unaware of Flash Drive because Rafiq transfer data using basket to all derawalas at same time (4 times faster then Flash Drive). Derawalas now resolve their financial issues using DMMS running on Rafiq. Derawalas are trying to convert Dera into Smart Dera, for this purpose they try to build innovative tools and rafiq is always there to assist them.