Uncle Qureshi – A Chatbot from Wish to Reality

Back in 2014, when I completed my F.Sc and wanted to get admission in a good discipline from reputed institute, there was no one to guide me about fields of studies in Pakistan. I had no elder sibling who can guide me. My Parents wanted to see me as Mechatronics Engineer while I was more interested in Computer Sciences. Everyone around me came with different advice. That was a tough period. Briefing discussion, I got admission in PUCIT for software engineering, my parents were satisfied because they wanted to see their son as Engineer (though my younger brother know its Non Engineering). 😉

I moved to Lahore and settled with Abdul Hanan and Arslan, we went through the horrible experience of career choice. We do not want that people coming behind should also suffer like us. So, we made a wish that there should be someone who guide people properly according to their interest and psychology. Hanan suggested there should be an uncle (Uncle Qureshi to be specific). But we stuck because did not have any knowledge how to turn this wish into a reality.

In last two years we were not much attracted by uncle again. I continued to help people form PUCIT Help Desk‘s platform. In current semester course of AI were offered to us. Though Hanan was not enrolled in the subject but he keep on taking the lectures because of his interest in AI.

Now we are again on track and are more passionate about Uncle Qureshi.

Who is Uncle Qureshi?

Uncle Qureshi is a fictional character. The idea came from many uncles who are everywhere and give people ‘muft k mashwaray’. But our Uncle Qureshi will be more sophisticated one. Trust me. 🙂

Why Facebook Bot?

Facebook recently crossed 2 billion user mark. This platform is popular in Pakistan too. Free internet packages from different mobile carriers made Facebook accessible from all over the Pakistan.

Future Plans

Short term:

We will start from Home. In this summer, we will try to integrate Preference Setter and Aggregate Calculator for PUCIT into Uncle Qureshi’s brain. At the end of this summer Uncle Qureshi should be able to handle queries related to PUCIT.

Long term:

Our long term goal is to make Uncle Qureshi, The Uncle of Pakistan. Who will give you best advises in the town. So, clear the decks. No one will suffer from wrong career choices. 🙂