Comparisons about PUCIT

Some Students ask about the difference between Morning and Afternoon classes or Study of Old Campus and New Campus is also compared.

Morning vs Afternoon:

Let me start with the comparisons of timings. Afternoon or morning there is no big difference because labs of morning students are in afternoon and of afternoon students are in morning. Morning and Afternoon sessions have two differences. First is that hostels are not alloted to Students of Afternoon Session. They can still live in Private hostels near university. Secondly, Semester charges of Afternoon are slightly higher than Morning. Thats why merit of afternoon session is always lower than morning session.

Old Campus vs New Campus:

PUCIT has its two campuses, Old and New. Old Campus is located near Anarkali a buzzing area of Lahore while New Campus is away from noisy area in a quite peaceful place. Some people think PUCIT New Campus is Somewhere near Campus Pul Stop. But they are wrong PUCIT New Campus is near Thokar, on Hanjarwal Stop.

Apart from locations study level is almost same in both Campuses.

Events Arranged in PUCIT are mostly in old campus. Admission Office is also in old campus. It is thought Old campus is old so it will have less facilities or old buildings with no AC but once you will visit old campus you will realize why it is called old is gold.

New Campus has less study burden. They let you think out of the box. Thats why last year more projects from new campus make their way to incubators than old campus. Old campus produces good programmers while new campus produces entrepreneurs.


Timing is not a big issue if you are not from Lahore but still managed to get admissions in Afternoon. Don’t worry there are many private hostels near university you can live their (like me). I will suggest that students from Lahore should go for afternoon as they will struggle reaching university in winter mornings. You should choose campus which best suits you. which is near to your home. Best of Luck for your Future.

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