Difference between SE/CS/IT – PUCIT

After passing F.Sc with good marks and scoring good marks in PUCIT Entry Test, students become confuse in choosing right discipline for them.

Well, BSSE/BSCS/BSIT are not only different in names but their applications are also a bit different from each others. But scope is almost same.


BS Software Engineering: Software Engineering is more about designing software for keeping in view customers requirements and software quality.
BS Computer Sciences: Computer Sciences is more about writing time and space efficient code, writing Algorithms focused on artificial intelligence.
BS Information Technology: Information Technology is more focused on applications of softwares in industry.


Scope of BSSE/BSCS/BSIT is almost same. At the end, you will be doing almost same kind of jobs. Because almost same subjects are taught to students. In hiring, these disciplines are not considered as separate domain.


As there is no such a big difference so you should choose what looks good for you. If you choose Software Engineering, you can consider yourself an engineer. Decision will be all yours. You can also see course outline of BS Software Engineering, BS Computer Sciences and BS Information Technology.