I’m Adil, a -year old Software Engineer from Okara.

What I'm doing now
Updated 17/08/2018


I strongly believe in "رب دیندیاں نوں دیندا"
Translation: God Gives to Givers.

I write codes and distribute it through Github because nothing is better than open source software. I am also open to teach, If you want learn any technology that I know about you can arrange a meeting with me and I will love that. Moreover, if you know anyone who might benefit from one of my tools, please share it with them! Also, I would love to hear from you.

I am planing to make a series of tutorials in near future.


I work on a Dell running Ubuntu. I am using VS Code for development.

My site is hosted on Github. The code is custom made from scratch. I view my statistics through Google Analytics.


2000 – My family brought our first computer, which was running windows 98.

2007 – I discover the Internet via a dial-up connection and Internet Explorer. Yahoo Messenger was mostly used on application then.

2009 – I made my first website on Webs.com

2011 – I made my first website in HTML.

2014 – I got admission in PUCIT for bachelors.

2016 – I did internship for first time.

2017 – I created my first Chatbot.

2018 – I started working on blockchain, launched JaybApp.

2018 – I graduated from PUCIT as Software Engineer.

Favourite Quote

If you only do what you can do, you will never be better than what you are - Guru Shifu